Project Goals: Vocational Qualifications
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The need of enriching and improving vocational qualifications (knowledge, skills and competencies), through a lifelong learning process, is precisely emphasized and confirmed within all EU recommendations and guidelines, as essential in a modern knowledge society, especially in terms of employability and mobility in a modern labour market, ensuring social inclusion.

This need becomes more imperative when considering the competences on digital literacy required for the development of basic skills. Within this context, Web 2.0 technology is a key asset in changing the way we participate, create & share knowledge and even in the way we develop & acquire new competences.

On this basis, the consortium focuses on exploratory, autonomous and experiential strategies through the development of innovative training techniques and instruments that can influence positively the access of employees to lifelong learning experiences, offering new and effective means for developing key competences.


These strategies aim at increasing attractiveness and efficiency of training and learning, resulting at:

  • Increase of excitement and interest for participation
  • Extended use of multimedia to convey facts and information
  • Emphasis on the active learner’s role in the training process
  • Increase of responsiveness at complex concepts
  • Individualized teaching with direct and adequate feedback

In short the project aims at developing a simulation application based on real-life scenarios integrating serious gaming techniques to facilitate the development, evaluation and certification of knowledge, skills and competences relevant to customer service within postal organizations, while opening further possibilities for horizontal generalization in any service-oriented business sector.