Project Description: Aims and Objectives
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The proposed project aims at developing an integrated training system through the use of serious games practices and new technologies, which will provide employees at postal organisations the ability to track, acquire, broaden and self-assess the necessary competencies arising from their daily tasks.


Therefore, through an innovative, appealing, interactive and experientially dynamic virtual environment the project is expected to achieve the following objectives:

Postal Employees’ Capacity
Development of postal employees’ capacity (knowledge, skills and competencies) to respond effectively to their daily tasks related to customer service (i.e. promotion, sales, complaints management etc.)
Support Employees
Support employees towards the introduction of new, integrated, high-value services that exploit fully the postal network size and reach
Reinforcement of Employability
Reinforcement of employability through the acquisition of new enhanced digital skills and competencies
Exploitation of the ICT Business
Exploitation of the ICT business advantages and their role in the continuous improvement of operations in terms of time, cost and quality
Customer Service Skills
Certification of Customer Service Skills for front-office employees
ECVET Framework
Alignment of training with the ECVET framework

The project is motivated by the realization of skills & vocational training needs emerging from the regulatory changes which led to the liberalization of the EU Postal Market and increased competition between postal operators mainly in terms of service diversification and quality. Therefore, postal operators have to adapt to a customer-oriented model which serves for a positive customer experience attaining high quality of service, minimization of complaints and exploration of their needs.