KEK-ELTA S.A.: Vocational Training Center of Hellenic Post Organisation, Greece
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The Vocational Training Center of Hellenic Post Organisation (KEK-ELTA S.A.) established in 1998. It is a public Company, which the 70% of its shares belong to Hellenic Post Organisation and the 30% belong to the Panhellenic Federation of Postal Trade Union Association.

It provides training to the employees of Hellenic Post according with the training needs of the Hellenic Post Post Organisation as well as considering the business postal environment at a national and European level.

Methodology of Training
  • Classroom training (classical one-focus on teacher methodology)

Techniques: lectures, brainstorming, tests, case studies

  • On the job training (self-training)

Long distance training e-elearning (focus on trainees needs) a) synchronous learning-web conference, b) asynchronous learning-webinars

Further to the educational services, KEK-ELTA contributes to consulting services in the vocational training sector and participates in European Projects of Leonardo Da Vinci. It has already established the National Qualification Framework of the ‘Products and Services Distribution Specialist’ as is recognised by the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) and is now in the process of completing the Framework of ‘Front-line Post Officer’ and the ‘Manager of Postal Services’.