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The Greta du Velay is a public training organisation gathering 21 educational institutions under the wing of the Ministry of Education. Certified ISO 9001 since 1998, it exists since 1975. It employs 4 training advisers and 40 trainers and uses a network of 200-300 teachers for specific training purposes.

It is active in the Velay, a rural area in the South of the Auvergne Region. Half of the activity consists in supporting persons towards social and vocational inclusion (unemployed, migrants, young adults with cognitive disabilities…). The other half consists in supporting companies in their learning processes. This includes the detection of training needs, delivery of training, evaluation and follow up. Courses are provided in various areas such as hospitality, industry and tertiary sectors (management, language, computing…). They are short courses (to adapt to change, to use IT, languages or to develop key competences) or longer courses to prepare national diplomas (levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) or to change career orientation.

Training Hours
Persons per Year
Level 5 National Diploma
Level 6 Diploma (ISCED Level)

The Greta du Velay has a specific transversal department for managing innovative projects. This laboratory is dedicated to the improvement of learning and it works in close collaboration with all training departments of Greta du Velay. Since 1992, it has implemented several actions and research projects with an international dimension to improve the quality of training and to support vocational integration and learning processes. Since 2012, it manages a fablab for training key competences, also integrated in vocational training paths.