Training Programme Evaluation: Report
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30 July 2018 - 14:29, by , in News, Comments off

The first launch of Customer Service training programme to front-office employees from three participating postal operators (Hellenic Post, Cyprus and Romanian Post) was completed.

Between the two most useful things they learned in the context of Ex.Tra-3D, trainees said that they improved customer service and sales techniques, they learnt to solve problems and complaints and actively listen to the customer. Most of them said that they learnt to deal with different types of customers and realized that front-office employee represent their companies and not themselves.

From e-learning point of view, trainees said that they are familiar with ICT technologies used in Ex.Tra-3D and satisfied with the 3D training system considerably user friendly.

Trainees asked for more training programmes in the future and training for all levels of seniority within their organizations. Front-office employees participating wish to implement all knowledge, skills and competences acquired in their real workplace and even in their lives. However, trainees proposed some improvement referring to the material extent and time required for balance between professional and personal time and Serious Game’s 2 objectives.

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