Short-term joint staff training activity in Athens: Experiential Training
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Facilitators’ training was conducted in Athens from 26/02/2018 to 2/3/2018. 15 facilitators in total from the 3 participating postal operators were selected and trained, during a 5 days’ experiential training activity hosted from ELTA. The role of these facilitators, who are experienced company executives in the field of customer service, is to replace the traditional trainer and serve as coach-facilitator for the trainees throughout the learning process within the next few months.

Facilitators’ training consisted of communication strategies and techniques essential to the customer service relationship and familiarization with the e-learning system.During their experiential training, the facilitators also acted as actors (role-playing) for the filming of the experiential videos which constituted the object of the final (examination) phase of the training programme.

Facilitators will then act as coaches for their colleagues in their respective companies, guiding them throughout the learning process, solving queries, encouraging them to successfully complete the training programme. They could also train other colleagues who, with their guidance, could act as co-facilitators.

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