Progress Overview Conference in Athens
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In the framework of the European Project “Ex.Tra-3D”, co-funded by the European Union, the 2nd Multiplier Event was held on ThursdayMay 18th, 2017, in Athens, Greece. Apart from Greek partners such as SQLearn , which is the coordinating partner, KEK ELTA, ELTA, TOURNIS CONSULTING and EUROCERT, the event was attended from the Romanian and Cypriot Posts as well as the partner who is responsible for the experiential training of the projectInosalus“, located in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the event, external parties had the opportunity to be informed about the results of two successfully completed Intellectual Outputs that had been running from the beginning of the project until March 2017. The presentation of KEK ELTA, as the leader of Intellectual Output 1, was focused on the overall results of the surveys conducted in the frame of Intellectual Output 1 to identify the training needs of postal employees. Afterwards, KEK ELTA presented the thorough training curricula developed in the frame of Intellectual Output 2. There was also a presentation of partners’ involvement and expectations from Erasmus+ programme in order for stakeholders to realize the added value of such participation.

During the second session of the event, participants had the opportunity to access the Learning Management System specifically developed by SQLearn to cover the training needs of the project and navigate them in the training material developed so far such as webinars for knowledge refresh, self-assessment questionnaires and introductory questions to identify the profile of trainees.

At the last stage of the event, all participants and especially external stakeholders expressed themselves on how the progress made so far can be transformed into training material dedicated to their industries.

Taking advantage of this event, an internal meeting took place between the partners the day after the event in order to discuss the progress made so far and to set timeframes for the next steps.

In short the project aims at developing a simulation application based on real-life scenarios integrating serious gaming techniques to facilitate the development, evaluation and certification of knowledge, skills and competences relevant to customer service within organizations providing postal services.

It is worth noting that the project is opening further possibilities for application in any service-oriented business sector.

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