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Intellectual Output 2 focuses on the development of the training curricula addressing the training needs of front-office desk customer service employees, as identified in the framework of IO1. More specifically:

The project’s training program is developed on the basis of a blended learning scheme that makes use of new technology capabilities (distance learning (synchronous and asynchronous e-learning)- classroom training- practical implementation through experiential scenarios in a virtual environment). By the end of the program, trainees are expected to have gained the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for exceeding customer needs and expectations as regards front-office desk customer service.

The proposed training scheme evolves in three training- learning stages, including:

  • 1st phase (synchronous & asynchronous e-learning/personal study)

    • Short navigation lectures
    • 3 Webinars: navigation & tutorials for crucial modules
    • Self-study: professional customer service manuals (developed by the competent training project partners, incl. a trainee guide)
    • Assessment: introductory questions, self-assessment and creative thinking questions
  • 2nd phase (serious games)

    • 3 Serious games corresponding to the three front-office desk professional activities described in IO1, namely: 1. preparation for customer reception, 2. Sales and promotion of the provided services and products, 3. Customer support and dissemination of information
  • 3rd phase (final evaluation- certification)

    • Thematic test: multiple-choice combined content questions (randomly chosen from a pool of 200 questions, different for every trainee) covering all training material
    • Experiential Serious Game concerning all three professional activities of front-office desk customer service. Τhe scenario is based on real facts and working conditions and it is the outcome of a live technically guided experiential filmed activity.

The successful accomplishment of all above-mentioned phases leads to a certification award issued upon completion of the program. A relevant certification process has been duly drafted by the competent project partner. As for the evaluation of the whole training program, this will be carried out on a three level basis (short, medium and long term assessment).

It is to be noted that the learning process will be supported by coach-facilitators (experienced company executives) duly appointed by the participating postal partners, who will act as a consultant, guide and facilitator for the trainees throughout the training period (a coach/ facilitator & trainer guide has been also drafted).

Last but not least, the IO2 contains a generic guide (roadmap) for the generalization of the process followed, so as to fit any customer service-related need. The said guide contains elements that can be used either as an “as-is”/ “Quick-wins” approach (quick modification and adaptation of the training syllabus and content) or a “Start from scratch” approach (how-to methodology for the adaptation of training programs addressing particular corporate requirements).

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